A drop of clarity

This was a quick exercise in surfacing and light refraction. I went for atmosphere over detail. Highly commended work on paper winner in the Wanneroo Art Awards. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

Futuristic City 4

This image has been almost a year in the making and uses a combination of techniques from my other city projects. I went extra large for this one. Final size 28800 pixels for 2400mm @ 300dpi print.

Some full resolution fragments below


Also, check out the work in progress (incomplete at this stage) in the post below.

Work in progress - building a futuristic city.

The final result of this project is to create a wide shot of a city, looking just over the rooftops. For those who want to follow along and try and duplicate what I'm doing, please go ahead. Alternatively, just watch.

I have created a few cities in the past (here, here and here), but I'm gonna try a slightly different approach this time around. In terms of architectural style I'm drawing inspiration from Mass Effect, Halo, Mirror's Edge, Star Trek. Smooth lines, greenery, etc. Finally, the image should be big enough for a 3200mm  x 100mm print and look something like this first draft.

Lets begin!

Normandy wireframe

By popular demand* here is the Normandy wireframe. Click for 7200 pixel image.

SSV Normandy SR2 wireframe photo Wireframe_7200_zps3d4a9a76.jpg

* No actual demand implied.

SSV Normandy SR2 - bigger, better, rebuilt from the ground up.

 photo normandy01_zps7ec19128.jpg
 photo normandy02_zpsfd3d312e.jpg
 photo normandy03_zps6171adab.jpg

Just in time for E3 and, hopefully, a Mass Effect announcement.
The model has been rebuilt from scratch over a couple of months. I took some artistic liberties with the details, most notably on the engines, but also on the bridge, which was a bit plain on the original and game models. For the outer hull I took a page from the Galactica book. The panels are raised and set on visible bulkheads. The insides that are visible through the windows are also modeled and lit.
Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

 photo normandy04_zpsc8a6adff.jpg
Take a wireframe...
 photo normandy05_zpsbf41a2d3.jpg
Add surfaces...
 photo normandy06_zpsa1b644ff.jpg
Apply a bump map...
 photo normandy07_zps2cad0827.jpg
Slap on a coat of paint...
 photo normandy08_zps13cf0657.jpg
Shine a few lights here and there... Voila!
 photo normandy09_zps51f3a5f4.jpg
Now with 75% more laser
 photo normandy10_zps494c1b2e.jpg
Window details
 photo normandy11_zps22aaada9.jpg
Bridge and sensor array details
 photo normandy12_zpsaf7f5598.jpg
 photo normandy13_zpsa430909b.jpg
Engine details
Poster layout

The Second Fleet

 photo fleet_02_zps86614920.jpg

An update of my previous fleet picture with additional models, textures and lighting effects. Oh, and lens flares. Lots and lots of lens flares. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

Under Control

 photo key-02-control_zps25dceded.jpg

Under Control. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

Battlestar Galactica

 photo bsg_01_zpse767b650.jpg
 photo bsg_02_zps80f98691.jpg
 photo bsg_03_zpsf196f95e.jpg

The Galactica! This was a commissioned job that proved to be a fantastic learning experience. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print

 photo bsg_04_zps01427307.jpg
 photo bsg_05_zps5845a980.jpg
 photo bsg_06_zpsf2cc1809.jpg
 photo bsg_07_zps18feff0d.jpg
 photo bsg_08_zps4c718e84.jpg

The Great Escape

 photo key-01-escape_zps13a89e83.jpg

The Great Escape. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center.

 photo portal_01_zps03c8ccad.jpg
 photo portal_02_zps66ac39d7.jpg

Atlas and P-body image set. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.
And here is one of the entire family.
 photo portal_03_zpsc50a7bfd.jpg

A New Hope

 photo sw_01_zps3d46d10a.jpg

The opening scene of Star Wars. Made in 3 weeks for an exhibition a few years back. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

 photo sw_02_zps81b9ba90.jpg
 photo sw_03_zpsb2c8ff63.jpg

Ashes of Newcastle

 photo ashes_01_zpse71276d7.jpg

Transport ship Ashes of Newcastle. Model inspired by Zoic's Galactica designs. Original size 14400 pixels for 1200mm @ 300dpi print.

SSV Gascogne

 photo gascogne_01_zpse22c33de.jpg
 photo gascogne_02_zps975f4ed6.jpg

The SSV Gascogne. A destroyer design evolved from the Normandy.

 photo gascogne_04_zpsc1e858ea.jpg
 photo gascogne_03_zps3545de11.jpg